Sunday, June 23, 2013

American GIrl Molly Is Finally Being Archived! Confimation Video Included

Molly will be archived and there is proof. Please excuse me while I go into shock.

Just kidding, I'm so not surprised, nor do I really care. Wow, that may sound harsh but I was a little annoyed when AG decided to archive Felicity before Molly, messing with my OCD and not going in the order of release. Or maybe my harshness comes from me finding out the archival news after waking from my nap. Call it crankiness...whatever. Well, so long Molly, can't wait to see your replacement.

So totally disregarding my sarcastic tone, I really am a little sad to see her go. She's one of the original three, the last to leave the scene. I'll have a memorial post later, it hasn't sunk it completely yet.


P.S. Here's a video "confirming" the archival. Although the same YouTube user posted a video this morning saying she confirmed Molly would NOT be archived, and to my knowledge catalogs aren't delivered on Sundays, sooooooo yeah.