Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Urban Southern Belle

It really is too bad that both of my jobs require a uniform consisting of the company shirt and khakis. Just when I've become obsessed recently with dresses and other feminine articles of clothing. I work as a cashier at a local bargain department store, which is honestly the best job in the world for me right now. Never before would I have thought that I could buy trendy clothes for such low prices outside of the thrift store.
Not that I mind, as the thrift shops here are not exciting me at all (save for the rare finding of a David's Bridal wedding gown in my size!). I am not finding those one of a kind pieces here, like I used to frequently find in New York, which is all the better for my wallet, I guess.

I still balance my looks with structure and urban edge; I am really enjoying blending the city's glamor with the south's feminine style. I also never would have thought that I would be so influenced by the southern fashions here, as I have. I was a die hard New Yorker, and you could tell by my wardrobe which consisted of a lot of structural and dark, edgy pieces. Dark blue and black jeans were a staple; I rarely wore dresses. Now, I have the sudden urge to dress in florals and in pink, lots and lots of pink. Maybe it's the recent interest in the Collector's Barbies...Barbie was always the model example of ultimate femininity and sexiness. Her glam might be rubbing off on me.


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