Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rent-A-Doll at the Library

They rent books, movies, museum passes, video games, and now American Girl dolls. I guess I should have seen it coming. Gone are the days when the library is a place merely for studying or reading/checking out books. We haven't been to the local library since we've moved, as they were going under major reconstruction. I think that I'm going through major book withdrawal; I haven't checked out a book in months. Back in New York, my family was one of the very few who still used the library as a place to borrow books; most of the library visitors were there to check out movies or to go on the internet computers. I would actually feel deep sympathy for the dusty books. Come on, who wants to check out a ten pound hardcover book, when you can get the same book on your Ipad? Or Kindle, I don't discriminate!

Getting back to the library who is starting an American Girl doll rental service.
So a patron can check out a doll for a week. My first thought when I read the article was "Man, oh man, are those dolls going to be messed up!" I read further and turns out that the library is expecting the dolls to show wear and tear over time. I applaud them for their sense being realistic when it comes to the dolls' condition, but boy do I feel for Cecile. I had enough anxiety just thinking about touching her hair when I owned the doll, and mine was always on display!

I only came across this article because I am currently drafting up plans to organize an American Girl club at the library, so I am hoping to get some ideas from libraries across the country who have hosted AG events. From birthday parties to AGPlaythings meet-ups, I am finding a lot of inspiration when it comes to different meeting themes and craft and food ideas. I was the co-founder and president of an AG club when I first became an AG fan, and I've been itching to start something back up. Not only will it be a way for me to encourage interest in history, but it will be FUN! As well as an interesting series of blog posts!


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