Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My World Girl Museum

I've been sleeping in a lot lately; I mean, when you have nothing to do, the day flys by when you wake up at noon. This morning, I spent a couple of hours watching reruns of Arthur on YouTube. My favorite episode is "World Girls", which is a parody on American Girl. If you want to watch it, here it is:

I can't get over how well they depict the attitudes that people have towards American Girl. You have the collectors who want it all, the die-hard collector who only wants the historically accurate items, and even those who are confident that it is all a rip-off to get people's money under the pretenses of being educational.

I love World Girl World, where girls are able to visit sections of the store that are dedicated to various parts of the world, complete with displays, items for sale, even educational video clips that give historical background on the characters. I am also in absolute love with Muffy's room, which is complete with displays for each of the characters in their cultural settings. When I think about what I want my collection to look like in the future, this episode pretty much sums it all up. My dream "doll room" will have the layout of a museum, with rooms for each of the settings or time periods featuring the characters' complete collections. Because I love the process of creating custom dolls and characters, I will go beyond "American Girl" and will include characters representing places all over the world. My "museum" will have other attractions, but I think that's all I'm going to share for now.

It will be a while before I can start building up my collection again to that point, but now that I have a job again, I am one step closer. I know that my doll museum will not appear out of thin air; it will take time and money...lots and lots of money. If I start saving up my change, hopefully in about five years I will have saved enough to start something!


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