Tuesday, February 26, 2013

American Girl Special Collector's Edition Dolls

I was never a Barbie fan until I came across their Collector dolls on the website dedicated to Barbie collectors. The thing that I really admire about the world of Barbie collectors is that they have managed to somehow get recognition from Mattel. They have their own website, their own collecting book guides, and their own "collection" of dolls, made specifically for display.

As an adult collector, I am grateful for AGPlaythings, as it is my main source of support in being an adult collector of the American Girl dolls. I have to deal with people teasing me about "playing" with my collection of dolls, and I look forward to the day when
a collector of American Girl dolls is given the same respect as a Barbie doll collector, both my Mattel and by those I come in contact with.

The Spring 2013 Barbie Collector catalog just arrived in my mailbox a few days ago, and although I have no intentions on making a purchase, I have been greatly inspired to make various custom American Girl dolls. These collector Barbie's have amazing wardrobes; Barbie has a closet that I am so jealous of. I cannot wait until I take the time to start designing and making custom outfits for my AG dolls; one of my many dreams is to eventually create a designer clothing line for the AG dolls and other 18" dolls. The many different design ideas are endless, just like my list of ideas for AG custom dolls. Just looking at the Barbie collector catalog has the wheels going in my brain.

I will cut Mattel some slack though; they have acknowledged the collector slightly, although they could be doing a much better job. No, I don't want American Girl to come out with an ENTIRE line of collector dolls: one, they would be super expensive and out of my price range, and second, I think that their products already have that "collectable" quality (just look at the Pleasant Company products). Mattel has made two collector, special edition, custom dolls, that they auctioned off for charity and they went for a pretty penny.

The first one is basically a Julie doll with Elizabeth's wig, and the second is a MyAG #53; both have custom made outfits. Another reason why I would not want AG to design a special collector line is because it's so dang easy to make customs yourself, why pay them a premium cost?

Well, if I'm going to create this designer doll clothing line and my army of custom dolls, I need to get started soon. Chop, chop!


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