Tuesday, February 26, 2013

American Girl Special Collector's Edition Dolls

I was never a Barbie fan until I came across their Collector dolls on the website dedicated to Barbie collectors. The thing that I really admire about the world of Barbie collectors is that they have managed to somehow get recognition from Mattel. They have their own website, their own collecting book guides, and their own "collection" of dolls, made specifically for display.

As an adult collector, I am grateful for AGPlaythings, as it is my main source of support in being an adult collector of the American Girl dolls. I have to deal with people teasing me about "playing" with my collection of dolls, and I look forward to the day when

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My World Girl Museum

I've been sleeping in a lot lately; I mean, when you have nothing to do, the day flys by when you wake up at noon. This morning, I spent a couple of hours watching reruns of Arthur on YouTube. My favorite episode is "World Girls", which is a parody on American Girl. If you want to watch it, here it is:

Thursday, February 14, 2013

American Girl Valentine's Day Releases! Molly's Archival News?

When I think about an American Girl Valentine's Day, I think back to Samantha's Pastimes Craft Book and the handmade valentines, hand-sewn potpourri pillows, and pasted wooden keepsake box. My family wasn't big on Valentine's Day, but I always wanted to try those crafts out. This year,

Saturday, February 9, 2013

I Want to Live In a Wooden House...

...and survive off of the land, just like Kirsten, Kaya, and Felicity did. I want to live in the mountains, where I can breathe in non-polluted air and drink the water directly from the stream. I may keep the electricity, running water, and central air system, but I am all for going back and enjoying the simplicity of life. Of course, planning my diet around the seasonal foods might not be exactly "simple", but I would love to experience what life was like without all of our modern conveniences, even if it was only for a year or a season.
 Since I've discovered them, the American Girl Pastimes Cookbooks were the most frequently rented books that I loaned from the library. Most of the time, I was only taking them out to look at the pictures and to read the historical references and facts. I'm determined to go through each of these cookbooks and to actually try the recipes now. In my logic, even if I cannot live in a wooded cabin in the mountains somewhere, I can cook the same food that these girls would have eaten, which is one step closer to fulfilling my fantasy.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

American Girl Place San Fransisco: Coming Soon!

This morning, American Girl made a grand announcement on their Facebook page:

From what I've read so far in the post's comments, everyone is pretty much excited for the new store overall. That's a first. I never really paid much attention to American Girl's Facebook page until the dollapocalypse aka. Marie Grace and Cecile doll sale. After that nightmare, anytime they post an announcement, it is time to duck and cover from all of the negative backlash. I actually felt horrible for the person whose job it is to maintain their page and respond to comments. As much as I love AG, I would never sign up for that job.

That being said, it is really nice that there is a united excitement about the new store.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

What Makes a Great Blog and YouTube Channel

When I relaunched my blog, I spent many weeks brainstorming and planning out what my mission concerning my blog and my brand would be. Whatever it is that I do, in this case starting a blog and YouTube channel, my standards for my own creations are based off of the standards that I have for others. As someone who spends a lot of time each day finding new blogs and YouTube channels, there are certain things that I look for when I follow and subscribe.