Monday, January 7, 2013

Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale January 2013

My alter ego is a Victoria's Secret Angel. No, I don't exactly dream of going everywhere in my underwear, but seriously, you have to have a great deal of self-confidence to strut down a runway wearing nothing but a pair of panties, a push-up bra, and some drop dead gorgeous angel wings. Oh, and let's not forget the 6-inch Nicholas Kirkwood exclusively designed heels that they walk in, probably holding their breath the entire time trying not to fall. It's that sexy, confident attitude that I so admire. Sure, you don't have to dream of being a lingerie model to have self-confidence, as the American Girl historical book line has given me self-confidence also. I mean, reading about Felicity sneaking out at night to save a horse from a scary drunkard or Julie fighting for her right to play basketball on the boy's team, can really give girls that confidence that will help them become strong young women.

Back to the sale.
Yes, this post is really about the Semi Annual Sale. It already started, but it will go on for another week or two. I was in there on Saturday, and the panties were $3.99 and up, bras were $10.99 and up, makeup and beauty products were 50% off, and their clothing line was up to 50% off. I was going to stock up on beauty products, like lotions and shower gels(!!), but my cousin told me that if I wait until later on in the sale, I will get stuff for a lot cheaper since they mark down their prices as time goes on.

Okay, so you know I can't leave you guys hanging without relating this post back to American Girl some kind of way. Did you know that AG has started making their own underwear line for dolls? Do not expect AG to release any sexy lingerie for the dolls, although I saw a few very young, preteen age girls filling up their Victoria's Secret shopping baskets with bras and panties (and I mean those baskets were FULL), so girls are straying away from training bras earlier than before. But the day that AG releases a push-up bra is the day...

So far, there are three underwear sets that I've seen on the AG website:
Blue Tank and Brief Set: $12

Sports Top and Brief Set: $10

Dot Cami and Brief Set; $12

I'm not one to buy underwear for my dolls separately. I'm good with the underwear that comes with the outfits, thank you very much. The way I see it, my dolls are not going to be strutting around in just their undies anytime soon, so if they go commando every once in awhile because there is not enough underwear to go around, I can deal with it.


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