Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fashion Inspiration: American Girl Saige's Sweater Outfit

American Girl Saige's Sweater Outfit- $34(Available January 01,2013)
Saige's Sweater Outfit is hands down my favorite outfit out of her entire wardrobe. Heck, it's my favorite outfit out of the entire American Girl doll clothing line. I believe that the reason why I am in such deep love with her wardrobe is because for the first time, I feel that American Girl is finally catching up with the trends in the real world. Sure, their designers are influenced by current trends, but I always felt that their clothing for girls was a bit too "immature". I mean, maybe I'm off since I haven't been a ten year old in awhile. But getting back to the Sweater Outfit, this outfit incorporates a few trends from the fall/winter season.
There is so much New Mexican/Southwestern influence behind Saige's wardrobe, which is right up my alley.

Saige's southwestern draped blanket sweater is layered over a gray tank top, worn over charcoal leggings. And her outfit is completed with a pair of the most adorable fringed leather sandals; hopefully, they are not fragile like the other leather sandals American Girl has put out.
Black Matte Leggings-Black Milk Clothing, Silver Feathers and Chains Earring-Jujubeads Jewelry, Aztec Draped Cardigan-Old Navy, Braided Hemp Bracelets-Ettika, Fitted V-neck T-shirt-American Apparel, Fringed Boots-Minnetonka
This outfit may look simple, and it is, but trust me: I have gotten more compliments on my fashion style wearing pieces that look simple, because I'm not trying too hard. Yes, sometimes putting together outfits require a bit of brain work, but if your look is authentic and natural, it will look as if you woke up and threw something on.

Layering is the most genius styling trick in the book. Especially if you are a college student going to school in the Northeast, as I did. My campus was pretty large, and due to the long walks between classes, I needed a light, warm cardigan or sweater to keep me warm outside but cool inside. Heavy coats annoy me, so draped blanket cardigans became a staple in my wardrobe; they are stylish and functional in all four seasons. Worn over a fitted v-neck tee and leggings and paired with fringed moccasin boots, this outfit is extremely comfortable and stylish at the same time.

In my earlier post,  I mentioned that accessories make the outfit, and this is why: no matter how "simple" an outfit may be, you can always add accessories to "glam up" an outfit that is lacking that luster. Some say that you can have too many accessories...I disagree. If they go together, pile them up! For instance, I love a full arm of bracelets, especially an armful of bracelets made from various materials. From hemp, to leather, to beads, wearing many different types of bracelets will transform your outfit into an artistic ensemble. Also completing the artistic look, and bringing in a little edge, is the feather and chain earring. Traditionally, you wear one of the large earrings(like the one shown) with a plain silver stud in the opposite ear, to bring attention to that one ear. Wearing your hair up is essential when rocking this earring, as getting hair entangled in it is an extremely painful experience.

One last thing regarding this look, pertaining to the leggings. Pay close attention. Please be sure that your leggings are matte and are not stretched out to the point that they become sheer, as it is a MAJOR outfit-downer to have visible underwear. Double up on the leggings if you have to. Also, make sure that your sweater/cardigan and shirt are both long enough to cover your bum, as it just doesn't look right otherwise.

Okay, I'm climbing off of my soapbox, for now. Everyone in my house is making preparations for the big New Year's Day party. I suggested a Josefina themed meal, so we are looking for our family recipes for tamales, empanadas, and other Hispanic dishes. It's almost fiesta time! How are you bringing in the new year?



  1. beautiful... where can you find the sweater? i love saige's sweater.

    1. Hey! I found the sweater on Old Navy's website, but that was awhile ago. I'm pretty sure you can find it someplace online! :)