Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Never Too Old for American Girl...

I believe that a person is never too old to love something. Whether it is American Girl dolls, applesauce, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, or Disney Princess  merchandise (yup, all me!), I strongly feel that you should be able to have the confidence to be yourself.
That being said, I am at the point now where I do not have as much interest in collecting American Girl items as I used to. Anyone who knows me knows that I was an American Girl addict and now because I've sold a couple of my dolls and all of my loose outfits and accessories, I've been getting a lot of comments from those same people. Comments of relief, to be exact. Such as "Finally, you don't play with dolls anymore", or "I'm so proud of you! (I honestly don't get it) You're maturing now!"
You best believe that I am so quick to let them know that my decline of AG purchases have nothing to do with the pressure from others when it comes to "growing up" and "dolls are for kids". Maybe I'm a little to blunt when I do it, but I really want them to know that it was the financial responsibilities that I have now, causing me to cut back on unnecessary spending. And yes, AG lovers, American Girl purchases are unnecessary. After I graduated from college, it seems that my life has become 100 times harder. Living in NY is rough and very expensive; my entire family needs to contribute to stay afloat here.
I won't burden anyone with the specifics, but recently I sold a couple of AG dolls and all of the extra clothing I had. I have no regrets. Yeah I'll miss the dolls, and there are certain dolls that I refuse to sell (Josefina, Kanani, Kaya, and a couple others), but for the most part, I do enjoy seeing the dolls going to someone who will play with them.
Eh, anyway, its been forever since I posted last, so I figured I would give an update on my AG life.


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