Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to Move With American Girl Dolls

Was I the only one with a massive collection of trolls? I couldn't stop laughing when I came across this picture. But instead of having to move my massive collection of trolls, I have to move my massive collection of American Girl dolls.
I'm sure your first thought is "What's the big deal?". True, American Girl dolls are toys and if you are moving, you might just throw them in a box with the rest of the toys. But if you are anything like me, and throwing a $100 ($105 to be exact) doll in a box with the limbs sprawling all over the place seems a little  harsh to you, well here we go.
I've moved quite a bit of times, and let me tell you, moving 75+ dolls is not an easy task. I took the easy way out and placed them all in bins: layers of three, alternating them so that the bottom layer is face up, facing the feet of the layer on top. Thank God dolls don't have smelly feet, because my dolls have been in these positions for awhile now.
Now if I wanted to go all of the way in making sure they were protected completely, I would have made sure they all were not dressed (clothing sometimes stains when left on for long periods of time) and wrapped in white tissue paper. And maybe I wouldn't have them so squished so tightly together, but bins aren't so cheap.
I'm assuming that noone else owns as many dolls as I do, so hopefully moving with your dolls isn't so hard. But since I'm moving yet AGAIN pretty soon, and this time long distance, I might try a different moving method. Any ideas?


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