Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How to Buy an American Girl doll on eBay, Part 2

"Buying used dolls on eBay require a lot more attention to the details of the listing. I cannot tell you how many times buyers, myself included, have gotten screwed over because they failed to read the entire listing. If there is a doll for a very cheap price set at a buy now, for example, your first instinct is to snatch it up. However, once you win an item, whether it be by auction or buy now, you have entered a legal contract to purchase the item. Now if the item is not as described, you can always return the item, and we will get more into what happens after you receive your eBay purchase later. But sometimes sellers list the doll's flaws in the listing and the buyer was too lazy to read the entire listing, making for an unhappy buyer. So make sure you read the ENTIRE listing and look at all of the pictures. If the listing is unclear, or the pictures are bad, do not bid or buy now until you ask ALL questions or request more pictures. It saves everyone a lot of trouble."

And so I quote myself from an earlier post. Who would have thought that I would ignore my own advice so soon?
So after babysitting on Sunday night, I happened to check my saved searches in my eBay account and I came across a new listing: a Josefina doll for $29.00. My fingers flew to the buy now button, while my mind screamed simultaneously "Wait, read the listing!". Well, in this one instance, my finger went too fast and I bought the doll without reading the description. Turns out, the doll...well, let me just show you pictures and let you see for yourself.
Both of her feet are broken/chewed off, and the left hand is as well. The seller said that her hair is tangled and dry and she has some makeup on her eyelids. Everything can be fixed for next to nothing, except for the limbs, but I figure that you won't be able to tell if she is wearing shoes and maybe I can work into her character that she wears an arm and hand cast. So yeah, learn by my example. But isn't that face to die for? I can't resist Josefina AT ALL! Especially custom bait...muhahaha.

So what's the lesson here? READ THE LISTING! Even if I had read the listing, I probably would have bought her anyway, so I lucked out this once. I'll be more careful next time.


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