Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Girl of the Year 2013 Name Reveal!

I haven't been that active on any of the American Girl fan community boards lately, but I did manage to stop in recently, just to find out what's new in the AG world. Turns out, the name for the next American Girl GOTY 2013 character's name has been discovered, as well as her location.
I always find it exciting when AG enthusiasts track down information about upcoming products and such; there are some really good sleuths around!
Anyway, so the character's name is Saige and she will be from New Mexico. We don't know yet what her ethnicity will be, BUT rumor has it that she will either be Hispanic or Native American. I am so excited at the thought of a modern Native American doll. Would they use Kaya's face mold, or would they come up with an entirely new design? Also, it is also said that her stories will involve art and horses. Horses we've seen so often, so nothing new there. However, it's been awhile since AG has put out an art set, so it's something to be excited about. Well, if you have space for an art set. Which I don't, oh well!


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