Wednesday, October 17, 2012

American Girl Review: Addy Doll

If it wasn't for Addy Walker, I probably would not be an American Girl fan today. The Addy book series was the first introduction I had to the company.
A woman from my church gave me the Meet Addy book, and after I fell in love, my parents gave me the complete Addy book series for that Christmas. If I remember correctly, I was 7 years old. I read those books over and over, sharing them with all of my friends; one friend liked them so much that she kept Addy's Surprise and Changes for Addy, to this day she still has them!

Until I was 13 years old and the American Girl Place New York opened, I had no idea that American Girl produced anything other than books. For my 14th birthday, my parents bought me my first American Girl doll of my choosing. It was between Josefina and Addy. If I had known then that I would have such an extensive collection now, I would have chosen Addy. But because my parents told me they would only buy me one doll (every other doll in my collection was purchased by me), I chose Josefina, who looked like her hair would be easier to care for.

But that couldn't be farther from the truth. Josefina's hair stayed smooth and silky for two weeks tops; after that, her hair became frizzy and hard to brush. Addy, on the other hand, has hair that is super easy to care for! At first glance, her texturized hair scares a lot of people, especially parents buying dolls for young children. However, because her hair is textured, it holds hairstyles really well, making hair styling a lot less frustrating than it is when styling, say, MyAG #25's silky hair.

For those who are looking to add Addy to your collection, and who want to save as much as possible, I highly recommend looking on eBay. Dark skinned American Girl dolls do not usually fetch high prices, which is kind of unfair, but at the same time, that is an advantage for those of us looking for used dolls. So really, now that you know that her hair is easy to maintain and that you can buy one for a very cheap price, there is no excuse for you not to add Addy to your collection. Did I mention how beautiful this doll is in person?


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