Wednesday, October 10, 2012

American Girl Review: Caroline Doll

FINALLY! An American Girl character from the War of 1812 period! Of course, when I brainstorm ideas for a custom character from that time, American Girl decides to release one on their own. After I came up with a story and all, too. Oh well, less work for me.

I don't have Caroline yet, but I won't let that stop me from giving a review. I've seen pictures and reviews from various doll collectors who have posted "real" pictures of her. I say "real" just because most of the time, American Girl does a horrible job of accurately photographing their dolls. No offense.

So for those who don't know, Caroline was released earlier this summer; I actually remember getting the catalog on my birthday which is on the 15th. Speaking of which, my family moved a few months ago, and ALL of my American Girl catalogs have been misplaced and probably lost. Thank God for Ebay, although I really had hundreds of dollars worth of catalogs, because I had a lot of the older ones from the 90s.

Anyway, isn't Caroline simply adorable! I'm predicting that she will be very popular with the target audience. I mean, she has long flowing blond hair, aquamarine eyes (which are unique in the AG eye colors), and PINK EVERYTHING! Her book series is also very promising; from what I have seen, the artwork is simply divine! By far, the most realistic artwork in the AG series. Many think that she looks too much like Elizabeth, but as I have said many times, ever doll, even copies of the same character look different to me.

I have to give it to AG, they really went all out with her collection. I mean, a skipper boat? AND a parlor room set?! There will be quite a few happy campers during the holidays. I won't be one of them though, I have absolutely no space to add a mini size town to my place right now. Sad face.


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