Thursday, January 5, 2012

American Girl Review: Josefina Doll

Josefina will always be number one in my collection. Literally. She was my first doll. The one in the black leotard and hot pink skirt in the picture above. Doesn't she look sweet? Well, don't let that fool you, looks can be deceiving.
And you can read all about Josefina's deceiving ways right here.

But getting back to the review. I fell in love with Josefina because of her beautiful long black hair. I took her hair out of the braids the minute that I got her, and for a while it stayed nice and silky. That was during the time when I brushed her hair a million times a day, so eventually it became super frizzy. Being that she is my first doll, I don't think that I can send her into the doll hospital for sentimental reasons, but for reference, don't keep her hair in braids for months at a time. Another reason why the Josefina doll called out to me is because of her face mold, she was the first one to carry that mold, so it is referred to in the collectors world as the Josefina mold.

The Josefina doll comes in a white camisa top, which is not really a shirt. It can be compared to a nightgown, it is the same length as one. Her dark red flowered skirt is so pretty, when I first got her I bought a similar looking skirt from the thrift shop so that I could match. She also comes with a woven sash (it comes in handy if you get her pouch that comes in the accessories set), and leather moccasins. The older Josefina dolls came in moccasins that were tied with leather ties, but the newer ones, including the one that I got, come with mini shoestrings. And to top off her look, she comes with a cute blue hair ribbon and a bright yellow sprig of flowers. They both are important in the first book, so I find it awesome that they included them with the doll.
I highly recommend Josefina. Her hair is really thick so it doesn't take much for it to become unmanageable. I would recommend her for someone who is a little older and mature and knows how to manage doll hair well. But you will not be disappointed in her, that I promise you!


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