Sunday, January 22, 2012

American Girl Review: Cecile and Marie-Grace Dolls

Cecile and Marie-Grace are the newest historical dolls, being released a couple of months ago. Let me tell you, I had never been more excited for a doll release than when they came out. I went to get them at the AGPNY a couple of days after their release.
I managed to get inside the store 5 minutes before they were closed; I would have been so upset if I hadn't been able to get them that day.

Cecile is one of the most gorgeous dolls that I have in my collection. She has the Sonali mold, and she has hazel eyes, which are my favorite doll eye color. She has the most amazing hair; her hair is dark brown with auburn highlights, that same as my hair. I think that the reason why I connected so well with Cecile is because she is the first black American Girl doll that does not have the Addy mold. Yes, I know that there are the MyAG dolls with the Sonali mold that are used with the black models in the catalogs and online, but this is the first time that AG themselves made a character who is black in the books and has a mold outside of the Addy mold. Not that I have anything against the Addy mold, but I'll get more into that with Addy's review. Point is, Cecile is a gorgeous doll, and I highly recommend her.

Marie-Grace is also a very pretty doll. I adore her eye color! Not only is she the doll to debut a new eye color, but she also has a new and different face mold, called the Marie-Grace mold in her honor. I will admit that it took me awhile to decide that she would be coming home with me from just the pictures I saw online, however, when I saw her in person, I was sold on her just as much as I was sold on Cecile and they came home together. Her heart shaped face is very hard to capture in a flattering light in photographs. Even in my own pictures, it took a couple of takes to get the pictures that I was happy with. 

I sold Cecile's meet outfit because I like the modern clothing line better than the historical one, and I prefer my dolls to be modern. I haven't found a modern outfit for Marie-Grace yet. Cecile is very transitional, she can pull off being a modern doll, but Marie-Grace's delicate hairstyle makes it a little harder. Although I don't own her meet outfit anymore, I will still say that it was by far the best quality that I've ever seen of a meet outfit. And Marie-Grace's meet outfit is horrible, in the same league as Elizabeth's meet dress. I just don't like the feel of the fabric at all. 

As much as I love these two dolls, for anyone thinking of purchasing these dolls for young children, I must say that with their hairstyles I would give a little warning. AG did an excellent job with these dolls, but their hair just doesn't allow for much play-ability. Any doll with ringlets like Cecile's (MyAG 26, 44, etc.) has hair that is very hard to keep nice looking. Marie-Grace comes with a very fancy hairdo, in the back, there are elaborate hair braids, but once you actually get the courage to take them out, you just have a doll with very long wavy hair. Half the battle is taking the braids out. Well, maybe that's just me. 


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