Saturday, December 24, 2011

McKenna: American Girl Girl of the Year 2012 Pictures Revealed!

By now, it is old news that the GOTY 2012 will be a gymnast named McKenna. Recently, pictures of her book cover and soon after, the actual doll were posted online. Being on various doll message boards has its perks, and being in the know for the latest American Girl items is definitely one of them. The pictures are not all that clear, but so far, it looks like McKenna will have
the light skin Josefina face mold, light blue eyes, and caramel hair. Basically the twin to MyAG #39 with a different face mold. When I first saw her, I thought mehhh, definitely not a showstopper like Kanani was, but in the last couple of days she has definitely grown on me. I am actually looking forward to a doll with straight hair, instead of the curly, high maintenance hair like Kanani, Cecile, and Marie-Grace.
Lately I have also become interested in the Girl of the Year's world collection, her clothes and accessories. Although the doll herself doesn't scream original, her gymnastic themed collection is sure to become a favorite in AG's target age group. Being a young adult collector, I often forget that AG is not focusing their attention on me when they come up with ideas. I'm not offended though, AG is a toy company, so their products have to have play value.
There was some speculation concerning McKenna having a Best Friend doll being released along with her, however it is also thought of as being highly unlikely as much as some would like it to happen. I don't mind Best Friend dolls; when Chrissa was out, I bought her and Sonali and Gwen all at once. I collect the GOTY, so no matter what they look like, I will always buy the doll or dolls released. I was going to buy McKenna on January 1st, when she is first released, but my friends and I are planning a trip to the city on the 7th, so I'll be making a sidestop at the American Girl Place NYC. And I'll be dragging my entire crew of friends into the store with me, maybe I'll buy them a cupcake or something, haha.


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