Friday, December 30, 2011

American Girl Review: Kaya Doll

While I'm on winter break, I want to do something that I've wanted to do for awhile. I will do a review on every doll in my collection, one doll per post. I have a long way to go and a short time to get there, so let's get started!

If I can, I will use the stock photo from American Girl as well as one of my own, as I have found that the stock pictures sometimes look either worse or rarely better than the doll in person. Yup, photoshop on a doll doesn't ususally work out too well.
Anyway, Kaya is part of the Historical line, her stories covering the year 1764.
But this is not a review on her character or her stories, just the actual doll. A brand new Kaya doll comes dressed in a soft deerskin dress with matching moccasins. She also comes with two shell hair ties, I do believe that in my picture of Kaya, who is dressed in her Fancy Shawl outfit, she still has her shell hair ties intact.
Her hair, her hair, her hair. I actually have never taken her hair out of her braids. When I say that I am terrified to undo her hair, I mean terrified, rather face aliens terrified. I have seen online and in person (oh the horror) what can happen to her hair when even the most well meaning person who wants to freshen up her look takes those braids out. So if you think that maybe your Kaya doll has too many stray hairs, beware. Do. Not. Touch. Because of her hair, I really advise that you go by American Girl's recommendation of girls 8 and above.
Other than her hair, she is really a gorgeous doll, in all seriousness. Her face mold is original; no other doll made by American Girl has her closed mouth face mold, as American Girl only did it because it was considered an insult for a Nez Perce tribe member to smile showing teeth. So you will not find a Kaya doll with the two tooth gapped smile. Which in my world of smiling dolls, is a refresher.


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