Friday, December 30, 2011

American Girl Review: Felicity Doll

The Felicity doll and I have gone through so much together. Or rather, I've gone through so many Felicity dolls before I found the right one. It was through this ordeal that I discovered that the PreMattel dolls just weren't for me. Now my collection consists of 99% Mattel dolls, I may have one or two PreMattel dolls. But getting back to Felicity. 
The older, PreMattel Felicity dolls
have bright, red hair. The newer, Mattel dolls have more of a brownish auburn hair color, like mine. You really have to be in bright sunlight for the auburn to come out. Both the older and newer Felicity dolls have those super bright, neon green eyes. Those green eyes can light up a dark room for sure. I feel that they are a little too bright, and thus making them unrealistic, but there are those who disagree and like their brightness. But this is my review right?
Her new meet outfit is a version of her lavender Traveler's Gown, you have to be really close to tell them apart. Her dress is not one of my favorites at all, I find it made of very cheap material. Her shift underneath seems to be made out of better fabric than her actual meet dress. 
Overall, she is a beautiful doll, although she is not one of my ultimate favorites. I was really sorry when she was retired a while back. But then again, I wasn't heartbroken. Oh, well.


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