Friday, December 30, 2011

American Girl Review: Elizabeth Doll

When Elizabeth was made as Felicity's best friend doll, I was really excited. Firstly, because she was made with the Josefina mold, which is my favorite American Girl face mold. Secondly, she was made along with the release of the Felicity movie, which is one of my favorite of the American Girl movies. She has long, wavy, blonde hair with pincurls and light blue eyes. Let me tell you,
Elizabeth looks amazing in outfits from the modern line, my Elizabeth doll is almost never in historical clothing. In my picture, she is in the Radiant Rhinestone Holiday Outfit.
Her meet gown is ridiculously pink and cheap looking. I really can't say anything nice about her meet outfit, even her shoes are very blah. I'm so not a fan of her meet outfit. But I am a huge fan of the doll.
Hardcore Felicity fans were upset when Elizabeth came out as a blonde, blue eyed doll, calling her a sellout. I do remember her being described in the books as having brown hair and "big brown eyes". But at the same time, I doubt that if they made her look like the book character, she would be as pretty as she is now. Don't get me wrong, I'm a brunette myself, I'm all for the brunette power. But for some reason, American Girl brunettes are not done very well, in my opinion. So I'm definitely loving the blond version of Miss Elizabeth.


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