Monday, October 17, 2011

My American Girl Doll Collection: 75 and counting...

This weekend, I hit a milestone in my collection. I was able to go to the American Girl Place here in New York to get Cecile and Marie-Grace, and with them, my collection now consists of 75 of the 18" dolls.

Scene and Settings books: Four down, one more to go!

I'm still waiting for Kirsten's to get here in the mail, but while I'm waiting I have been playing around with different scenes using the one's I've gotten so far. Now I own Felicity's, Kirsten's, Samantha's, and Molly's; I'm just missing Addy's. And hopefully I will have her's very soon! Like I said in my post before, I love these books because they allow me to take nice pictures even if I don't have a nice background. And the backgrounds look so real, it's like the dolls are really there. So here's to finding Addy's so that my collection will be complete.