Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shoes, Bags, and American Girl Dolls: Welcome to my blog!

When I first have friends over to my newly reorganized  bedroom, the first thing that they will see when I open the door will be my stacks and stacks of neatly organized fashion magazines. As they shake their heads in disbelief and pity at my obsession in fashion, they will eventually turn their heads to view the rest of the room, which is quite large, and their eyes will meet hundreds of staring, plastic, unblinking eyeballs belonging to my American Girl dolls.
At this point I will be sitting on my bed, bending over in hysterical laughter as I watch their faces as they try to take it all in: the stacks of fashion magazines, the shelf stuffed to capacity and overflowing with American Girl dolls, and my endless wall of handbags and shoes lining the floor. Because the thing that, along with other things, make me the most happy in life are my shoes, bags, and American Girl dolls.

Many girls "graduate from" or "grow out of" what is called the "doll phase". Sure I went through a phase a couple of times, where I had to make a very hard decision: do I or the doll get a new outfit, and sometimes I would choose to get myself the outfit. Somehow for a couple of weeks, I would lose interest in my dolls; I guess I just got bored. And that is perfectly okay; it is perfectly fine to not want to buy everything in the American Girl catalog every once in awhile. What I think is not okay is when you let someone tell you that you are too old to keep your dolls, that you should move onto makeup, clothes, and boys instead. Especially boys, I've been dealt the boy card plenty of times. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE boys, I really do, but I'm not going to stop collecting my dolls because guys think my dolls are weird. In fact, just the opposite, if a guy has the nerve to say that my dolls are weird and I should get rid of them, well, toodles. My dolls are a part of who I am and if you don't like that, too bad. I'm not saying they have to play tea party or do their hair, but come on, show just a little tolerance. A doll for my birthday wouldn't hurt either. Just kidding, just kidding.

So I got a little sidetracked by guys, that's not really what this blog is about. I just want to show girls out there that you can enjoy other things out there along with your doll collection; for me, that other thing is fashion. I adore fashion, I can spend so much time looking through my magazines or watching fashion shows. But this blog isn't about fashion either. This blog will be about my collection, but I hope that my presence will serve as some inspiration to that one person who is being made fun of by her friends, or told by grownups that she is too old for dolls. Here is to staying true to you!



  1. I agree! I was told I was to old for my dolls and they ended up in storage for many years :( Lucky me, I am all grown up and and don't care what other think and enjoy them completely! Rock on and don't let anyone (even cute boys) bring you down! Loved your videos! Maybe you should talk me into getting #26 when they change that ugly meet outfit or I can find one for a steal like you ;)

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