Friday, September 30, 2011

My Newest Find: Samantha's Scenes and Settings Book

Remember when I said that I found Felicity and Molly's Scenes and Settings books for $3 each two years ago?Well, I sold them a while back because I needed the money, something that I regret now. Well, you want to live a life with as little regrets as possible, so
I am now getting them back, as well as the Scenes and Settings books for the other characters. Pleasant Company released these books for Felicity, Kirsten, Addy, Samantha, and Molly, and before they made ones for the other dolls, they retired the books and stopped producing them.

Well, today, I bought Samantha's for the very low price of $23.50 plus shipping. The book is in used condition, or should I say very used condition, but it won't be matter for the purpose I have in mind. These books are the best for creating good photos; its so hard for me to find a clear space with a clear background, but these books totally eliminate that problem. You can take pictures in the most crowded room and you would never be able to tell in the pictures! I cannot wait to get the other ones. Unfortunately, these books are hard to find and expensive, except for Samantha and Molly's, thank you God. I can't wait to start taking pictures again!


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