Monday, September 26, 2011

My Newest Find: $5 Molly Doll at Bazaar

Once a year, my family goes to a fair or bazaar hosted by a private school not to far from us. I always get super excited because the school is located in the elite part of my area, which means designer clothes and high chances of finding something American Girl. The first year that we went, I found Molly and Felicity's Scenes and Settings books for $3 each, which is the best American Girl bargain that I've ever found. I don't have them anymore; I sold them because I didn't have enough space (they are HUGE!) but I really miss having them. They are perfect for taking pictures. The second year, the only thing that I found was the retired Miss AG bear from years ago. Both years we got there late, so I wanted to make sure that this year we were there when the doors opened.

And thank goodness we were this year!
Because as soon as I entered the door of the gym where the tag sale was, I saw a familiar shape sitting on a chair right by the door. We were not the first inside, but thankfully the chairs were off to the side a bit, so lots of people walked right past. But then a woman and a little girl walked right up to Molly and picked her up before I could get my way over there. The girl said "I want that dolly," and I was about to move on, but then she saw another toy and yelled "I want that," put the doll down and ran away. I never thought that I could fly but that day, I managed to do it. I scooped Molly up and held her close as I went around to do some more shopping. A lot of people saw her with me and smiled, saying what a pretty doll she was. I could hardly believe that I finally found an American Girl doll at a yard sale type event.

So finally I got to where you pay for your stuff and since there was no official price for dolls, the lady said $5.00. You know how in movies sometimes time goes super slow or stops for one person? That is exactly what happened. For a minute I looked at the woman who told me $5 and she looked at me. Once I got out of it, I paid up and left with my family. Molly is really one of the prettiest dolls in my collection. Her hair is cut professionally in a cute bob. She will most likely be modern; I already have her in a modern outfit and she looks awesome! I can't wait to post pictures. I'm still deciding what to name her, but when I do I will post a picture and introduction of her right away. Yay me!



  1. First of all your header for you blog is amazing! Very professional. You look like a model! Second you find the best deals for your dolls! I the least I have paid for a doll was $80 for a good used Mia with some of her cloths. I never win eBay or find deals like you did with your Molly. Grats on your great find!

  2. Thanks! By the way, as much as I wish that I could take credit for being the one in my header pics, I can't; the model is the actress Jessica Alba from a photo-shoot she did a couple of years ago. I thought that the mix of fashion and AG dolls was perfect for a header, so I'm glad that you like it!

  3. I once got a doll for $50 and another for $45 but lots of costs for shipping to Canada!! Like $15-$30 somethimes so it does up the cost, Right now on American Girl they have Marie-Grace and Cecile on for $75!