Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Newest Find: Kaya Doll in her Retired Fancy Shawl Outfit

What perfect timing for my first post about either my collection or my latest American Girl find! I just bought this doll a couple of minutes ago, I found her online for $30...
INCLUDING her retired Fancy Shawl Outfit! Here is the picture that the seller put up:

For those who may not know, this outfit by itself is worth way more than $30, so I am so very happy that I was at the right place at the right time. Her hair is not supposed to have been cut, which means that I probably won't re-wig her; I only re-wig dolls that have damaged wigs, I feel bad taking off a perfectly good wig especially since it is so hard to get wigs off. I am thinking about nature inspired names; if I decide to keep her, I will make her character a modern Kaya, since I don't own a lot of Kaya clothes. Well, since she comes in her outfit I will have one more than what I had before! I actually bought the item as soon as I saw the outfit, because I've been looking for the outfit for so long and at $30 I knew it was a bargain and didn't want to miss out. It wasn't until I was almost finished paying that I realized that the listing said Kaya Doll and I am so excited right now. Yay!!!!


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  1. What a fantastic find! I could see paying more than that for either doll or outfit! I am hoping to stumble on a kaya with a cut/damanged wig to make into a modern. She makes such a wonderful modern girl. Grats!